Adventures in Self-Pleasure: The Lightest Touch


This is a wank I love, but it’s one of the most difficult to achieve. To work, it requires me to be as free from stress and tension as possible. If I can’t get my head, and my body, in the right place, then I rarely feel anything, but when the mood is right, then the pleasure is fantastic.

Often, I’ll begin by dabbing a touch of Vapor Rub just beneath my nose because I just happen to find it soothing. Should anyone attempt this for themselves, I’d caution to make sure your fingers are completely clean before proceeding. That stuff can turn bliss into agony in a matter of moments if handled without care!

I’m a visual person. I like to watch porn when I’m getting myself off. The best porn for this particular wank is highly erotic and stylised. It has to fit the mood I want to be in. Material from Viv Thomas, SexArt, X-Art or some of the newer content from Wow Girls/Ultrafilms is the perfect accompaniment for this. The artistry that goes into their productions, the intimacy of the sex, the attention to detail of the image and sound—it all helps me immerse myself into a highly aroused state of mind.

Aromatherapy candles also serve as an aid. The longer I’m enjoying myself, the more heightened my senses. Blending fragrances around me can feel like it’s elevating me to a new level of horny indulgence. Lavender, cinnamon, citrus and vanilla offer a genuinely delightful and intoxicating effect.

With the stage set, I lie back naked on the bed. My head sinks into my super-comfy pillow, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones block out the mundane surroundings and whisk me off to my sensual place. I start by caressing my body, ever so gently. I’ll roll a fingertip around and over my nipple, tracing figure-eights around my breasts and areolas, and taking deep breaths as my eyes lose themselves in the visual stimulation on my bedroom TV.

There’s no rush. You can’t rush this wank. Even trying to accelerate things can turn an exhilarating experience into a disappointing, unsatisfying climax. No, I have to take the time to lose myself in the joys of my body. It can take an hour, two—once it took close to four, but it’s worth every second of it.

Eventually, as my slit drips and my heartbeat increases, I’ll tease my inner thighs and just around my pussy lips until I finally make contact with my clit. Here’s the tricky part. It’s so tempting to just rub my clit the usual way, to bring myself off too soon. If I’m not relaxed enough, that’s almost certainly what I end up doing just to relieve whatever stresses I have that day. When I’ve managed to lose myself so completely, my will overpowers my desire, and I begin masturbating with the lightest of touches.

One finger, usually my middle, touches my clit with the lightest possible touch. So light that I’m barely making contact. I continue to enjoy the sites of beautiful women pleasuring each other in front of me, listening to their moans and gasps, admiring the light reflecting off their incredible bodies and I become part of the scene myself. My finger maintains a gentle, almost but not quite immobile contact with my clit. I remain relaxed, and I focus on what I’m feeling.

The sensations are near-indescribable. I gain an awareness of what my body does during sex and masturbation like never before. I can feel those subtle contractions of my cunt that bypass me during any other encounter. My skin feels more alive, more responsive, more aware of even the slightest stimulus. My breath across my breasts, my hair resting on my shoulders, the scent of the candle, the most detailed sound in the video I’m watching. At this moment, I am like fucking Supergirl with a heightened sense of perception like no other.

And so I continue, maintaining the same rhythm, remaining relaxed, losing myself more and more until finally, my body takes control. The majority of the time, I can’t quite push myself over without clenching some muscles—but on those extra magical days, the sexual bliss rolls through my from head to toe. My orgasm swells inward and outward, pulsing through my body like a fucking earthquake. All the while, my body remains at rest until the final spark of electricity triggers a shaking of my legs and jolts through my body.

It is absolutely fucking amazing.


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