My First Nipplegasm


I will confess to some envy about all the wonderful ways people can get themselves off. Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of fantastical takes on self-pleasure in a quest to achieve unique orgasms. I often find myself able to get close, but alas, cannot quite push myself over the line.

A few nights ago, however, I achieved something not only on a first attempt but purely by accident. Of course, I’d heard of nipplegasms before, but I’d never given them much consideration. I love having my nipples played with, whether it’s stroked, pinched, twisted or even bitten. Nipple clamps are a favourite toy of mine, and my own nipples have, for as long as I can recall, remained in a state of permanent erectness. I’m quite fond of them, though given they’re also on the larger size, it does necessitate careful outfit choices in the summer months.

So how did this most glorious of accidents occur?

I’m a bit of a fidget by nature, and as I was lying in bed and watching TV, I began fidgeting with my nipples. My intention was not sexual, at least, to start with, just a yearning to keep my fingers occupied. Soon, though, it became apparent that something was happening.

It’s a strange experience when you play with your nipples and feel pleasure in and around your cunt. I became increasingly aware that I was now very aroused, but it wasn’t just the typical desire for sexual satisfaction – it was more than that. As I pinched and caressed my nipples, a warmth flowed through my lower body, from back-to-front. My slit started to drip and a swelling feeling of pleasure radiated from my clit.

Off went the TV show. I quickly flicked on some videos of beautiful women pleasuring themselves (a favourite genre of mine) and resumed my nipple play.

The sensations grew more potent. My pussy had a mind of its own. It would quiver and throb, clench and relax. My thighs and butt tightened as my body took control. Involuntarily, I found myself grinding on air as I writhed about the bed, fingers still stimulating my nipples but all of the pleasure being felt in my now soaking gash.

I had to bite my tongue to prevent myself from moaning too loud, such was the intensity of this completely new feeling. My breathing quickened, and my chest began heaving back and forth, making it difficult to maintain my grip on my nipples. I’d be damned if I was letting them go, though! I placed my middle fingers on the underside of each nipple, and used my thumb to stroke upwards, gliding over the top, and repeating over and over.

Then, I felt something completely new – something I’d never felt before. It was like my body was trying to force something out from behind my cunt. Nothing came out, mind you, but it was incredibly intense. I continued to writhe, stroking my nipples harder and increasing the pressure. My legs started kicking out, my back started spasming, and then, I fucking came.

Waves of pleasure flowed through my cunt, every nerve ending alight. My orgasm must have lasted almost a whole minute as my body rocked wildly, my legs kicked violently, and a series of rhythmic contractions flooded my hole. All the while, my clit pulsated ferociously, as though it hadn’t been pleasured in years.

The TV show did not go back on. My body was spent. I turned off the TV and got under the covers, still quivering and occasionally shaking until I fell asleep. The following morning I awoke to a feeling of arousal so intense that I had no choice but to immediately masturbate my already wet cunt to another powerful orgasm.


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