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My Kinks: Jilling Off to Jilling Off

I love to watch others jilling off; the moans, the methods, the loss of self into sweaty lust... and I think it's because there is an odd sense of taboo to it all.

Watching Her Wank

A little piece dedicated to the wonderful pleasures of watching my girlfriend, Charlotte, masturbate for me. The sights, the sounds, the intimacy...

Adventures in Self-Pleasure: The Lightest Touch

When a quick climax won't do, I prefer to set a mood, settle in for a time, and make self-love an experience like no other.

My First Nipplegasm

Should I ever need to define 'happy accident', I don't believe I will ever come up with a better definition than the day I gave myself a nipplegasm.


I'm literally aching with desire - a need for her to touch me, want me, use me. To feel her lips, her teeth and her soft skin once more. Weeks seem like years and the longing grows stronger.

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