My cunt is hungry. It yearns to be filled. My clit wants to be touched and licked, to feel soft, warm breaths glide over it. Even my asshole feels starved of attention. And my nipples? Oh, how they miss her tongue gliding around the areola before her mouth closes around them and her teeth send a delicious shot of exquisite pain into them.

I’ve been horny all day. Scratch that, all week. Maybe two or three. I think I’m dehydrated from how much juice my slit has leaked. It’s been dribbling into my panties all day. I’ve had to change them three times! The need to feel her want me, fuck me, use me causes the lower half of my body to ache, crying out for her and what she can do to me.

I’ve masturbated a lot. Just today, I’ve ridden my little machine, DP’d myself with dildos, got off with the showerhead and lay on the bed with my thrusting rabbit held in my hole imagining her dominating me. I need more.

I can regain control for a while by boring myself with spreadsheets or procrastinating on YouTube, but sooner or later something triggers a memory, and my cunt fills with lust again. My mind drifts over to all the things we need to do and to all the time we need to make-up. I want her to take my body and do whatever she desires to it and with it. Spank me, tickle me, bite me, whip me. Let her tighten the clamps on my nipples, or handcuff my arms behind my back and use them for leverage as she fucks me. Force me to kneel between her legs and bury her pussy in my face.

I eagerly await the day I hold her again, when I can inhale her scent, kiss her soft lips and worship her perfect body. Webcams and phone calls keep us close, allow us to express our love for one another, and tease each other with our words. Here and now, though, I so desperately want to be fucked by her once more.

Lockdown is a bitch. Fuck COVID-19.


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